Looking To Create Top-Notch
Social Media Campaigns?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Social Flow doesn’t just plan for your Facebook or blog; we mesh them all together to work as a unit. We treat Social Media Marketing Campaigns as a machine with many parts working together for one end goal. Because of this, they should relate to each other in every way.

There are 2.3 billion active social media usersSource:

How does Social Media Work?

By giving each social media platform the same target market and end goal you are reaching your customers by a unified force. What works better than a team? Our creative team is known for their brainstorming meetings that bring out the very best in every client. From developers to designers to social media freaks, we’ve got them all. They all put their heads together to create an advertising campaign that can reach across all platforms.

What is said on Facebook can’t be the same as on Twitter. (& vise versa)

Why? Twitter has a faster read speed to it. Everything is short and succinct because there is even a character limit. What is said on Twitter needs to be quick and to the point. When the same post is shared via Facebook, there can be descriptions, links to other Facebook pages, groups, people, or topics, and interactive hashtags. On Instagram, it’s more of an artsy platform where the fewer words, the better and caption one-liners are all the craze.

How does a Social Media Campaign Work?

By creating an overall theme to focus on for a time period, you can mesh the content to fit each social media platform. Users can start to see an overall connection to your business or product, creating for yourself a brand and planting a seed in their minds about your product. What’s the secret to social media campaigns? Create a plan, implement a goal, and promote across all your channels. At Social Flow, we generate campaigns that are creative enough to capture and sturdy enough to last.