Content is King, But Social Media Advertising Rules

As a Social Media Advertising Agency, we cover every aspect in your campaign.

You’ve seen the numbers. By mid-2016, Facebook reached a total of 1.65 billion users. The only number bigger than that last year was how much Facebook raked in through advertising revenue, which reached a total of $5.2 billion at mid-2016. This number was practically double from 2015, and 52% over quarter two of 2016 Mic drop > BOOM.

The top 3 content marketing tactics are blogging (65%); social media (64%); and case studies (64%)Source:

Now is Already Too Late

If you don’t utilize a social media advertising plan, there has never been a better time than right now. We are past the stage of jumping on the bandwagon; we are embarking on a time where you either jump on, or you get left behind! Facebook is growing and expanding with new rules all the time to restrict organic posts enough to prove them non-beneficial. Facebook has to make money too! Making businesses pay for every post or ad posted makes for a larger bottom line. Social media advertising is a sure way to make your business competitive and rank among the greats.

Don’t get left behind. Give your business a fighting chance in the world of media. Let Social Flow fast track your social media advertising and make up for lost time. Now is not too late, but now IS the time.