Google vs Facebook Ads

Always the debate among many businesses. What if we said: they work together? The most significant difference between Google PPC advertising and Facebook advertising is the attitude. When searching Google, your ads are seen as a need; they have engaged with you intentionally. When surfing Facebook, your ads are seen as a want; you are knocking on the door asking to be let in. On Google, you are the hero coming to the rescue, while on Facebook, you are friend reaching out to fill the void they didn’t know they had.

It’s all about how you paint yourself. Do you want to be the hero? Do you want to be the helpful friend? Let our PPC & AdWords Management Company show you just how your business can reach out to become just who you want to be.

Google processes 100 billion searches a monthSource: Brandwatch.com

Google AdWords

Google AdWords sounds like a foreign language right? What if we told you, you have had interaction with Google Adwords since the second you first searched something on Google? Google has created an advertising platform that skews a users’ searches for the benefit of marketing and business growth. Businesses compete with one another to be at the top of that Google page that populated after you typed in: “Best Surf Shop in Jax.” There’s no random formula that puts one business above another, it’s a carefully planned bidding system that integrates market research with keyword collection that generates the answers to your Google search time and time again.

Understanding the Difference Between Various Google Ads

Search Network Google Ads

This type of Google ad is strictly text. These ads work to link your chosen AdWords keywords to words or phrases someone types into their search on Google. This kind of ad is especially useful for businesses who want to connect with customers right when they search for you. For example, when someone’s air conditioning goes out, it’s pretty obvious the thought process of their Google Search. They want answers and want service professionals. The response can be explained in text alone because it’s short and to the point, and answers can be easily found simply by searching; “a/c repair” to populate answers they need.

Display Network Google Ads

This type of Google ad could be a text, image, or video that works by matching your ads to websites or landing pages with related content. Display ads help you reach people that are early in the buying cycle. For example, if you wanted to raise awareness about a new line of surfboards you are carrying, you would target people reading reviews about the best types of surfboards. With Display Network Ads, you target your audience as they are doing their research on what they should buy.