Why YOU Need Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Discover the importance of Facebook & Instagram Marketing for small and large businesses in Jacksonville.

As any social media user knows, Facebook connects the masses in ways that were never thought of before! It captures user’s time and attention; some even use Facebook as a tool for research or to get their news. Since the inception of Instagram, the two work together to create an unshakable force. Businesses are beginning to capture just how important Facebook and Instagram are for their bottom-line and business growth. Who would have thought social media sites in Jacksonville could turn into such a force to be reckoned with?

Over 1.55 billion people log into Facebook every monthSource: Brandwatch.com

The Power of “Me Too.”

With 1.55 billion people logging into Facebook every month, and millions more on Instagram, talking louder than your competitor is no longer as beneficial. We have entered the age of engagement. People want to be engaged with on a personal level; they want businesses to recognize that their time is valuable, and they want to trust you are going to use their time wisely and considerately.

You might be thinking: “You just said, there are 1.55 BILLION people logged onto Facebook last month. How on Earth am I supposed to engage each one correctly?”

How do you ask? The power of “me too.” As unique as we all are, at the end of the day we have connections with people around us that we’ve never met. The ‘Me Too’ theory is how we relate to each and every person around us; by finding something we enjoy, something we do, or something we watch and sharing that common connection; sharing that moment when we both look each other and gasp, shrieking “Me too!”

Facebook Campaigns use this theory of “Me too” by grouping people together who unknowingly share that “Me too” moment every day, whether it’s the things they like on Facebook, the people they interact with, the interests they post about, or the groups they join. Instagram ties into Facebook in the sense that all following, likes, and shares can be picked up statistically on Instagram as well.

Campaigns Use “Me Too.”

Using Facebook Campaigns allows Jacksonville businesses to connect to Facebook and Instagram users alike as if they are reaching out to a friend. Recognizing their wants, needs, and likes and sectioning them into categories. Creating ad campaigns grouped together to target those individuals creates a friendly conversation instead of an annoying voice that adds to the noise.

Facebook Campaigns, which can be simultaneously delivered through Instagram, gives users a personalized ad catered toward their needs which gives them a reason to interact, and eventually convert. Online users in Jacksonville are asking to see posts that will be of benefit to them, something that won’t waste their time… and you might be sitting there reading this and saying, “Hey, me too!”