Your Brand Plays a Huge Part of Your Social Media Success.
So, What is Brand Awareness?

When you cut yourself, do you ask for a ‘plastic bandage’ or a ‘Band-Aid?’ What about when you sneeze? Do you ask for a ‘tissue’ or a ‘Kleenex?’

If you are like most, you might’ve just realized you have caught that brand’s fever. It’s no coincidence you ask for a ‘Band- Aid’ or a ‘Gatorade’ instead of a ‘sports drink.’ Each one of these companies has positioned themselves in such a way to stand out among the rest. They have turned themselves into socially accepted brands.

Replacing a generic term with a brand name doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes a team behind your brand that is full of the intelligent individual that know how to market, create, design, and optimize. There’s never a guarantee to become as widespread as ‘Kleenex’ brand, but that doesn’t mean you should go it alone. Let Social Flow take the reins on this one!

People aged 55-64 are twice as likely to engage with branded content than those 28 or youngerSource:

How Does Social Flow Get Your Brand Flowing?

We love branding. From choosing color palettes, keywords, and brand personalities to building advertisements and catchy slogans, Social Flow has the knowledge and power to create a brand presence that captures audiences.

Social Flow doesn’t just claim to propel your brand into future, we have a universal plan of attack that has made our client’s brands soar in their area. What do we do? Well, we can’t give it all away, but we can let you in on a few secrets:

The Social Revolution

Paid social advertising has changed the game. No longer do brands need newspaper ads or brochures printed. Not when we have access to millions on social media platforms and can be targeted in a variety of settings, mediums, and demographics.

Create a Unique Personality

Buyers these days want to be engaged, they don’t just want to be barked at as loud as possible. How to you engage with the most success? Talk as a friend, create an image, stay true to it. The more buyers feel genuinely reached out to, the more they will want to listen.

Retargeting (follow me ads)

Retargeting has become a proven, effective tool in social branding. Did you know we can now target specific sites visitors have visited and focus ads towards those sites? Soon they will be seeing your business everywhere and across any medium on the web. Is it stalking? Absolutely, but trust us... it’s completely harmless.

Propel Your Brand Now!

Brand Awareness is a vital way to keep your business alive. We could argue if you don’t amp up your brand in the next year, you might be swallowed whole in the vast land of the Internet. Don’t wait, let us create a brand for you that will be implemented into the minds of potential buyers as efficiently as possible.