There are 2.3 billion active social media users.
We build social and influencer campaigns to reach them.

With Our Social Media Marketing Agency, You Can Tell Your Story, Build Your Brand,
and Optimize Your Budget with Cost-Effective Social Media Advertising Campaigns.

Get the Stats

On WordPress alone, 56 million blog posts are published every month.
A study by AOL/Nielsen showed that over 27 million pieces of content were shared every day.
The top 3 content marketing tactics are blogging (65%); social media (64%); and case studies (64%).


Our Social Media Agency Jacksonville Provides:

Excellent Analytics

We don't stop at content creation. We stay with you to dissect your analytics on a timely basis so we can make educated choices for the future.

Amazing Click-Thru Rates

You've come to the right place. A leading SEO/SMO/PPC agency in Jacksonville, we know exactly how to increase you CTR to create impressive results.

Measureable ROI

Social Media fuels action, action brings return customers, and return customers create loyalty. Loyal Customers = Increased Sales.

Goal-Driven Campaigns

We create goals for every campaign, so we aren't leading your social media blindly. When we make our goals, we achieve them.

We Create Engaging Social Media Campaigns
That Will Elevate Your Brand & Boost Your Sales

The Best Marketing Investment for Small Biz

Social Media Marketing Campaigns, especially for digitally active brands, vastly outpace other forms of media in lead generation and customer conversion.

Budget Flexibility

As a social media agency, we know that one of the best reasons to get started on social media advertising is budget flexibility. We are aware of the secret ways to get your top-level branding ad run forever at a super low cost – like $1 per day.

Video First Attitude

Your cost per impression for social media advertising drops like a rock when you use video. Our “Video First” policy for these cases, especially Facebook advertising, gets you incredible ROI from your digital marketing.

Social Video Statistics

Youtube Statistics

Track and Measure Your Key Social Media Metrics

Get a clear and concise overview of your key Facebook, Instagram and other Social activity with easy-to-understand Analytics.

Ongoing Optimization

Your social media planning dollars are just as precious as any other money spent on your business. The secret to know for Facebook advertising or Google AdWords advertising is that as soon as your ad gets enough traction, it’s time to look at it and make it better.


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